Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Jerry buying cheese and cake and the clock


Downtown Werne





Downtown Munster



Shoe buying



At the brewery



Werne and Munster

Today we met up with the rest of the group and all 28 of us took the train to Munster where we first went for a stroll around the local food market where we ate our way up and down the aisles. It was a typical European outdoor food market where all the locals shop and everything is wonderfully fresh.


We got apfelkuchen which is like apple cake to die for. Then we stopped at the cheese merchant together some Munster cheese which is my favorite. He looked at us like we had two heads each and said he never heard of such a thing. But we were right in the middle of Munster! And I wanted Munster cheese. He said that cheese is from France but he can give us some local cheese called Alpine. So I gave in and it tasted very happy like what we think we is Munster cheese so I was sort of happy. This exchange all took place in German of course but some of my words were Yiddish I am sure. So following that interesting exchange we went into the famous cathedral to see the clock which was very interesting and just was renovated. We strolled around the city of Munster which is quite lovely and has beautiful stores and walking areas. We ran to the train station in a torrential downpour to catch the train back to Werne.

After a moment to catch our breath we were picked up and taken by fancy motor coach to a brewery where we were taken on a private tour. This is a very upscale and famous brewery which means nothing to me because I don't drink beer. Anyway, after the tour we were treated to a beer tasting and a gigantic German meal. And yes, I did drink the beer and it was very good. Carol and I were a little tipsy but we made it home somehow. It was a ver busy day filled with good fun and lovely people. The hosts are beyond gracious and the other tennis players are loads of fun. All ages and all sorts but we all get along and are laughing hysterically most of the time.

Tomorrow we are being taken to the outdoor Turkish market in the morning and playing tennis and watching some matches in the afternoon. It has been cold but it is a nice change from the Florida heat. I got stung by a wasp and my arm is all red and swollen and itchy and I have a muscle spasm in my back but I M having a super time and just rolling with the punches. Ach du liber!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Werne, Germany

Yesterday we met up with the Barrett's. We did some sightseeing in the cold and rain. Then we caught the intercity train to our destination for the week. We couldn't sit together on the train because it was very crowded. Ian was schlepping around a piece of luggage that was bigger than him. Our hosts met us at the train station and schlepped all our luggage to their cars. They are so nice. We are staying in the home of a newspaper writer and a teacher and their two young children. We are sleeping in the eleven year old boy's room and the Barrett's are in the nine year old girl's room. It is a large house in a lovely area. We feel very welcome. Last night we stayed up talking and drinking wine and beer. What else?


This morning it was a gourmet breakfast at the tennis club followed by play. Mixed doubles and changing partners. We did not make fools of ourselves. We all held our own. It was really fun. Afterwards we walked around yhe old down and had an ice cream to hold us over till dinner. Our hosts are making a gigantic barbecue. They have planned events for us everyday. It is really fun and interesting. Playing on red clay is interesting too. I like it. The weather is gorgeous. What a difference from Florida. We are not sweating.


This is a lovely little town which was rebuilt after the war to give the impression that the buildings are old. But they are not. And best of all, no burkas!

Everyone says hello to out on the streets. Quite a different Germany than the big cities.

I have to go ask Henrik if I can play with his Star Wars toys.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

More photos





Photos from Cologne on the Rhine

The Museum of Chocolate


The cathedral

The tourists


We took the train to Cologne. We don't know how to use the automated ticket machines but neither do the Germans. We all screwed up and just went. The stores were closed so I have shoe shopping withdrawal. Nice shoes here. Anyway, the train was fast and we had all day. Went for a day cruise down the river. Beautiful scenery and sunny. Then we took a small tram ride around the town, then went to a very crowded street fair. Ate a chocolate and banana crepe for lunch. Also visited the Museum of Chocolate where we bought some samples. We walked a lot so we deserved it!

For dinner we went to a local restaurant where we were the only tourists. We were given menus in German and had no clue what we were reading. So we struggled for about twenty minutes when the waiter came over and asked us if we wanted a menu in English, at which point we both became hysterical. But the food was delicious and we loved it. Now we are back in the room trying to get ready so we can meet our friends tomorrow to continue on to Werne.


Saturday, July 25, 2015

Photos from rainy day in Dusseldorf







It's cold here

Now I know why I live in Florida. It's cold here. I have a long sleeve shirt, a light jacket and a raincoat on. Oh yes, it's raining too and the wind is blowing like a banshee off the river. We went out anyway. I am not coming half way around the world to sit in a hotel room! So we bundled up and walked to the local train station where we travelled to Koenigsalle, one of the main shopping centers and by far the best. Very high-end stores such as Cartier and the likes. Needless to say, I bought nothing. Even the sale stuff was outrageous. Besides, I got sick of bumping into burkas. Sick, sick, sick of them! They are all over the place. Not so many blonde nordic types here anymore.

We roamed around aimlessly for a long time. It was cold and raining so we finally decided to go to the Stadtsmuesum. Do you actually believe that my husband agreed to go to a museum? Well, he did. I guess he was really freezing. We saw a very intersting exhibit on the Jews of Dusseldorf from before WW II to the present. It was quite interesting and sad and it was presented in a forthright manner. We had lots to discuss afterwards. I guess there are still brains in there after all.

Following our cultural activities for the day we wandered back to the Altstadt area - Old Town - for our main meal of the day which was somewhere between late lunch and early dinner. They eat and drink all day here. The young people were out in droves once again. That reminds me that we are the old people here. People got up to give us their seats on the train. I felt like my mother! We only got lost once today but we have a plan if it really happens that we get separated so I am not worried and can make out signs and speak very simple German. Anyway, back to the drinking. They drink until they either throw up or pass out, whichever comes first. Today there were thousands again. There were lots of costumes, bridal and bachelor parties and just plain crazies looking for attention. They were everywhere so we sat outside, froze our asses off while eating dinner and watching he scene. We just got back to our hotel after purchasing our dessert of Swiss chocolates and coffee which we will eat in the room tonight. Speaking of hotel, it's fabulous! Great location, great service, very clean, extraordinary breakfast and caring, professional staff. All this and great bedding too. I love European bedding. All fluffy and cushy.

Well, we are thinking of going down the river to Cologne tomorow. Hope it warms up and the sun peeks through. Ciao for now.