Thursday, September 3, 2015






So buSy sightseeing that there is no time to write or to describe this gem. This is my fourth time here and I still can't get enough of it. It is very crowded and we are right in the middle of the Venice Film Festival but I haven't seen anyone famous. Just hordes and hordes of annoying tourists. I fell off a vaporetto yesterday but I survived. Guess I could have been caught between the boat and the dock so my few bruises are nothing. Not my fault. Some nasty bitch cut in front of me to get off the boat and I caught my foot under her big fat foot.

Today we went to the Lido and it was wonderful. It is the resort area of VENICE and looks like the Riviera. We also went to Padova where there is another Ghetto and a very ancient university where the first woman to ever graduate from a university did so in Padova which you all know as Padua but since I am a stickler for correct spelling and pronunciation I will use the correct name. Also saw Dante's house.

It's home tomorrow and ready to plan the next trip.






















Monday, August 31, 2015


Just climbed the city walls. Think I may drop dead momentarily.

Kotor, Montenegro

We sailed through fjords this morning for about two hours till we arrived at this fairy tale setting surrounded my steep mountains on three sides. The scenery was magnificent. Kotor is a medieval town set on this lovely bay. The architecture in very Venetian and very beautiful. There is a zig zag stone path up one of the mountainsides to a church at the top. It it around twenty storeys if you count the steps on an iPhone but it is steep and rocky and uneven but we managed to do it. What an accomplishment! We were so proud of ourselves. We probably won't be able to walk tomorrow but the experience was well worth it. It is very hot today, which made it even harder to climb but once we started we couldn't stop. It was a challenge and we won!

Now I am sitting in th shade by the ship's pool sipping a PiƱa Colada. That's my reward for imitating a mountain goat and not falling. We might go off the ship later but right now I am perfectly content in doing nothing.


Saturday, August 29, 2015


Went to the site of the Original Olympics yesterday. It was fascinating. They still get the original Olympic flame from this very place to this day. Our guide was great and we learned so much. Eileen and I got lost. It was in the 90's and we expended all our energy trying to find the tour group. I thought we might become a part of the ancient archeological site and they would find us wrapped around a column in the Temple of Zeus in fifty years.


Love this last of Greece where we spent the day. It is an island which is very close to Albania. Very strong British and Venetian influence. Narrow streets in the old town.

We are now sailing to Kotor, Montenegro. I understand it has spectacular scenery. Guess we shall find out tomorrow.


Love this place. Sitting in a cafe having a milkshake. Ready for shopping.